Meet Brand Ambassador: Amal Elahmady

Meet Brand Ambassador: Amal Elahmady

March 31, 2020

1. Please share a brief synopsis of what you do.

I am a former Fashion Designer & Stylist & I am currently a student studying psychology at Loyola University Chicago,  I also run a fashion, beauty, & lifestyle blog in my free time 

2. What CFP flavor do you drink and how do you make it?

My Favorite flavor is Maple Pecan, i prepare it using a french press & I drink it with macadamia milk and a little bit of sugar

3. How does it fuel your day and/or passion? 

I feel coffee is so important because it’s what you drink at the beginning of the day, my day really does depend if I had a good cup of coffee in the morning.

4. What is one piece of advice you would share with other women? (quote, inspiration, mantra etc).

One quote that I always live by  is to “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.” 

I believe we should be role models to all, even a complete stranger. Strive to be that classy and graceful no matter what situation we’re put in.

5. What is one thing you are excited about or working towards?

I’m excited to be done with school & working on building up my blog .


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