Meet CFP Brand Ambassador, Glori Bond

Meet CFP Brand Ambassador, Glori Bond

March 21, 2019

1. Please share a brief synopsis of what you do.

I am a Cook County State's Attorney and I work in the municipal litigation unit. I defend some of cook county's elected officials,  I handle settlement negotiations, as well as handle eminent domain and FOIA litigation.

2. What CFP flavor do you drink and how do you make it?

The flavor I am currently drinking is the Chocolate Blueberry. I love the traditional drip coffee so I put in 6 tables tablespoonfuls and make sure my water and coffee ratio it suitable to how strong I want my coffee for the day and how many cups I may need. I add some Italian creamer (which it truly does not need) and voila the perfect cup of coffee!

3. How does it fuel your day and/or passion?

I am extremely passionate about helping people and pursuing justice.  Sometimes the subject matter can be mentally exhausting and the perfect cup of coffee will help you make through those often 12 hour days!

4. What is one piece of advice you would share with other women? (quote, inspiration, mantra etc)?

You will not achieve your next level of success until you've mastered your last level of discipline.  We have goals and dreams that we want to accomplish but just like we need resources and connections we need discipline.  Discipline in our thought life,  discipline in working on our goals and executing our plans. Discipline is doing what you need to do even when you no longer feel like doing it. Discipline is key!

5. What is one thing you are excited about or working towards?

I am looking forward to bringing awareness to brands like Chicago French Press Coffee and for the new mentorship program I'm starting this summer for young girls who want to become lawyers and get into politics!

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