What You Need to Know About Making French Press Coffee

What You Need to Know About Making French Press Coffee

July 27, 2018

French press is a technique that was introduced back in the 1920s and has since then grown in popularity. It utilizes a handheld device known as a French press which is nothing more than a glass cylinder with a plunger inside. In short, the idea is to combine the coffee and the water in the cylinder without the use of a paper filter; the mesh plunger will force the grinds to the bottom of the cylinder and hold them in place as you pour.

The process produces a cup of coffee that is silty with a dark flavor and an oily body, and it is preferred among individuals who enjoy a strong brew.

Use a scale.

The brewing ratio is critical. So using a scale to weigh the grounds and the water will make a remarkable difference to the consistency of your coffee. I like 70g of grounds per liter of water. My press pot will hold about 700g if water, so usage 49/50g of grounds to the hot water.

Grind size matters. For French press, the coffee should be ground coarse and have a uniform particle distribution. CFP offers “French Press Grind” in each of our product lines.

Let it bloom.  I will usually not cover the press during the steeping. I like to allow the grounds to “bloom” as much as possible. Anything that prevents this tends to yield an uneven extraction from the cake of coffee.

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