The Perfect Pour Over

The Pour Over is a precise and increasingly popular way to brew. Pour-over believers enjoy the ritual of grinding, blooming, and pouring hot water over the grinds from a slow-pour gooseneck kettle (a regular tea kettle works too!). Does it make the best cup? It’s debatable, but the methodical approach to a pour over has appealed to coffee drinkers for decades.


Fill your kettle with filtered water, and set to boil; aim for 204°F.


Take a filter, open it up, place in the brewing device and rinse thoroughly with hot water. This will ensure no papery taste resides in the brew, and will also preheat the brewer. 


Weigh the coffee. Most recipes use a 1:15 ratio, so if you're looking to do two cups or 500g of water, you'll need 30g of beans.


Adjust your grinder. You'll want a medium-fine grind, one that is similar to table salt.


Once you grind your coffee, add it to the brewing device. Place brewer with grounds on the coffee scale, and "Tare" to zero.


Start your timer and pour 2g of water per 1g of coffee, approximately 60g of water, in a steady circular motion. You'll see those all important bubbles begin to rise to the top, this is called the "Bloom"! The goal is even saturation, so after the first 60g of water, grab the brewer and swirl until your timer reaches 45 seconds. This essential step allows the coffee to de-gas, enabling the water to yield the full potential of the coffee.


Next, you'll want to steadily pour about 60% of your water in the next 30 seconds, remembering to pour in a spiral pattern that goes from the center out to the perimeter and back to the center again. Keeping in mind the 1:15 ratio, pour the rest the water until you reach the proper weight. Do not pour directly onto the paper filter above the coffee.


After you pour the remainder of your water into the brew head, give the water and grounds a gentle stir to ensure coffee does not stick to the walls of the filter. Your coffee is ready to drink once the water has finished draining, and you're left with a flat bed of coffee!


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