About Us


Chicago French Press® (CFP) is a Chicago-based beverage enterprise specializing in premium freshly roasted coffee and loose leaf wellness teas. Founded in 2017, CFP has evolved as a staple destination serving coffee and tea lovers nationwide online and in-person.

Rich in taste and genuine flavor, CFP's flavorful beverages are known to satisfy sip after sip and notably Food Network's  "Best Flavored Coffee Brand" tested by the Food Network Test Kitchen.

The brand often appears on QVC and Chicagoland customers can shop CFP coffee at their local Target store. 

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Through coffee education, CFP helps coffee lovers curate a premium and personalized home brewing routine. We also offer a variety of grind types perfected for most brewing methods such as Keurig, French Press and Drip brewers. No matter how you brew, we've got a grind for you! 

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Great coffee crafting starts at where the bean is grown. Supporting fair and equitable pricing that is farmer-centric is how we shift the coffee industry. CFP is committed to raising the industry standard by paying farmers equitable prices that enable them to earn a living income. Our purchases are direct investments to our farm partners, enabling them to fund projects that support their local communities.


CFP believes our key ingredients are the people we serve and how we serve them. We promote educational and economic equality through the charitable initiatives we support. 

Beyond robust brews, CFP is “grinding for a cause” and supports local and global organizations by donating a portion of it’s proceeds to charitable programs annually.

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The future of coffee roasting is electric. As we run out of fossil fuels, the ability to roast coffee at scale using renewable sources like wind, solar, hydro and others is critical and urgent. By choosing to roast electric, Chicago French Press has committed to reducing our coffee roasting carbon footprint and preserving a healthy planet for future generations. CFP fans enjoy drinking cleaner coffee with the same quality taste as traditional roasters.