About Us

Grinding for a Cause

Morning after morning, coffee enthusiast and entrepreneur, Kris Christian, visited local coffee houses in downtown Chicago for her daily caffeine boost. And on one particular coffee quest, she came across someone in need asking for money to buy their own cup of coffee. It dawned on Kris that coffee has a large impact; on people, on communities, on causes.

Today, from seed to cup, Chicago French Press (CFP) is devoted to roasting and delivering quality coffee while supporting others in need. Freshly roasted in the Windy City, we produce organic brews that are single-origin, freshly-roasted and flavored by hand. 


Brew Your Way

We love the French Press brewing method but no matter how you decide to brew our coffee, be sure to select the CFP grind that best fits your preferred brewing method and adjust measurements to your liking. In terms of coffee to water ratio, a good starting point is 2 tablespoons of coffee per 6 ounces of water.


Eliminate The Guesswork From Brewing

Try CFP’s coffee accessories to help you seamlessly make the best brew at home or at work. From timers and grinders to tumblers on-the-go, our line of gear will excite the inner coffee connoisseur in you. Follow CFP social media @ChicagoFrenchPress for more insight into coffee making.

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