About Us

About Chicago French Press

Chicago French Press (CFP) is a coffee destination aimed to connect java drinkers to quality, healthier coffee options and vital philanthropic endeavors for them to support. Freshly roasted in the Windy City, CFP delivers premium fair-trade, non-GMO coffee to coffee lovers nationwide. CFP is “grinding for a cause” in which 5% of the proceeds from each bag sold directly supports select 501(c)3 organizations.

CFP offers a variety of fun and unique coffee selections including Original Blend, Maple Pecan, Chocolate Blueberry, Peach Nectar and Coconut Crème, an assortment of flavored Decaf coffees as well as seasonal flavors including Winter Wonderland, Snicker Doodle, Orange Creme, Pina Colada and Lemon Brûlée - all flavored by hand and locally roasted in small batches.

About the Founder

A former Wall Street analyst turned coffee connoisseur, Kris Christian was born and raised in Memphis, TN and earned her degree in Business Management at Howard University. Tired of overloading her coffee with cream and sugar to make it palatable, Kris decided there had to be a way to actually savor the drink, not just tolerate it. Fueled by entrepreneurial savvy, she developed her own blends so rich in flavor, they barely need added sweetness. Her goal is to make gourmet, flavorful coffee accessible, so she uses her business to teach others how to brew a delicious cup at home.

Grinding for a Cause

Beyond robust brews, CFP is “grinding for a cause” and supports nationwide and local 501(c)3 organizations by donating a portion of it’s proceeds to charitable programs annually. Today, from seed to cup, Chicago French Press (CFP) is devoted to roasting and delivering quality coffee while supporting others in need. Learn more about our partners here.

Brew Your Way

Through coffee education, CFP helps coffee lovers curate a premium and personalized home brewing lifestyle. We also offer a variety of grind types perfected for our customer's brewing method of choice including Keurig grind, French Press grind. Espresso grind and Auto Drip. No matter how you brew, there's a grind for you! 

We love the French Press brewing method but however you decide to brew our coffee, be sure to select the CFP grind that best fits your preferred brewing method and adjust measurements to your liking. Read more in our Beginners Brew Guide.