Our Founder

Kris Christian

Kris is the visionary founder and CEO of Chicago French Press® (CFP). A true trailblazer in the coffee industry, she represents as the founder of one of few women-owned coffee roasteries and retailers in the United States. Kris works with her team to operate two café locations in Chicago and to oversee the nationwide distribution of CFP's renowned signature coffee.

 A lifelong coffee enthusiast, Kris was tired of overloading her coffee with sweeteners to make it palatable, so in 2017 she created what she wished existed: a collection of 20+ coffee blends so rich in flavor, they barely needed additional sweetness.

Sourced ethically from women farmers worldwide, her flavorful coffee beans have transformed home brewing and garnered a devoted following nationwide. From its inception, Kris has nurtured CFP, steering its growth journey by securing product distribution in Target retail stores, Amazon Marketplace and on the QVC Network.

The success of its flagship location at Roosevelt Collection and the opening of CFP’s premier campus location at the University of Illinois at Chicago is a testament to Kris’ dynamic leadership. However, Kris' dedication extends beyond curating exceptional coffee.

Driven by her passion for uplifting communities of color, women, and future leaders, CFP embraces a "Grinding for a Cause" philanthropic ethos in which it donates a portion of its proceeds to support various charitable causes locally and nationally, including SocialWorks, Yo Soy Ella, The Room in the Inn, MapsCorp and the Salt & Light Coalition among others.

Recognized by Forbes.com, USA Today and local news channels, Kris stands as an industry leader, enriching the coffee landscape with expertise and inspiration. Kris is a proud alumni of Howard University in Washington, DC (School of Business). Kris finds joy in spending quality time with her husband Derrick II and toddler, Derrick III.

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