Original Blend


Chicago French Press’ Original Blend coffee brews the perfect rich and flavorful cup for a daily sip. Meet this specialty house blend of premium organic coffee grown in high altitudes in South America and roasted in small batches in the Windy City.

  • Origin of Bean: Peru
  • 100% Certified Fair Trade Organic
  • 100% Arabica, Single-Origin
  • Roast: Medium
  • Flavor Profile: Mildly acidic; vanilla-nut-toned sweetness
  • Sizes: 8oz, 3oz, 5lb Bags

CFP offers our Original Blend in a variety of grinds including Whole Bean, French Press Grind, Drip Grind, Espresso Grind and Keurig Grind. 

Download our Home Brew Guide for more coffee education.


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