Feelin' Good

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Ethically Sourced from Women's Cooperative


Feelin' Good is a unique blend of rooibos, white and black tea with a hint of sweet citrus. To help you relax, it's infused with chamomile, lemongrass, and cornflowers - the ideal combination for a cozy cup of stress-relieving tea.

Join us in raising a toast to women supporting women! This collaborative tea blend celebrates the women of the "Feel In the Blank" podcast as they commemorate their one year podcast anniversary. Through this blend we hope you get a taste of what feels good to us: the beauty of collaboration, and the support that sisterhood offers.


Blended With Rooibos Tea, Black Tea, Chamomile Flowers, White Tea, Orange, Lemon Grass, Blue Cornflowers, Natural Flavors

This herbal tea contains low levels of caffeine.

    How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea:

    Use any french press or tea kettle with strainer for best brewing results. Steep at 212° for 5-10 minutes.