Coffee Glossary

Aroma:  The scent produced by hot, freshly brewed coffee

Automatic (Auto) Drip: Brewing method that allows hot water to settle through a bed of ground coffee inside a cone-shaped filter basket producing coffee

Barista: a person who prepares coffee, typically at a coffee bar/shop

Coffee Roasting: the process by which green, unprocessed coffee beans are turned into roasted coffee products.  The roasting process usually occurs close to when the coffee will be consumed.  Dark roasting produces a stronger, more intense flavor than light roasting, which leaves the coffee to have more of its inherent plant flavors.

Espresso: A short, strong serving of coffee brewed under pressure. Espresso is characterized by its high brew strength, viscous mouthfeel, and its signature layer of foam on top, known as “crema.”

French Press: A French press is a device for making coffee in which ground coffee is steeped in hot water.  The grounds are then removed from the coffee by means of a filter plunger which presses the grounds to the bottom of the pot. The French press can also be referred to as a plunger pot and is a great way to brew your own coffee when on the go.

Flavored Coffees: Coffees that in their roasted, whole-bean form have been mixed with flavoring agents.

Percolation: the act of moving a liquid (water, in this case) through a bed of soluble material. Many of the most common styles of brewing are percolation: this includes all drip coffee including pour-over, batch brewing, the Aeropress brewer, moka pots, even espresso.

Richness:  A satisfying fullness in flavor, body, or acidity.