Grind Selection Explained

Whole Bean: Most obvious, and the one we recommend! Grinding your own whole bean coffee ensures you brew the freshest pot of coffee around.The moment you grind a coffee bean, the surface area expands monumentally exposing the fresh grounds to fresh air – and oxygen is the enemy of fresh coffee.

Coarse Grind / French Press: Looking like large grounds of sea salt, coarse coffee is ground mainly French presses and percolators. This allows for a special brewing method where the coffee sits in hot water and is removed through a screen mesh, as opposed to being sprinkled on by the head of a conventional brewer.

All Purpose Grind / Auto Drip  For most coffee regulars who just want a good brew, this is the grind type we recommend. Sitting in the middle of the grind type spectrum, this coffee is evenly granular. 

All Purpose Grind/ Keurig® My K-Cup: We have verified this grind to be best suited for all reusable k-cups used in most Keurig coffee brewers.

Fine Grind / Espresso: Espresso grind is very fine yet you should still be able to feel small coffee grains. This grind is also very important as when brewing espresso, small changes in grind type are amplified more so than any other type of brew.

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