4 Things Coffee Lovers Can Do to Reduce Waste

By making small changes in our daily habits, we can collectively create a large positive impact on our precious planet. Here are some simple ways that we (as coffee lovers) can do our part:

1) Bring in your mason jar to your local coffee shop to refill your whole bean and ground coffee.

2) After brewing at home, recycle your coffee grounds back into the earth by using it as compost as fertilizer in your garden. For food scraps - don't toss them! Instead, source local services for composting. Here are some options in Chicago: 5 Ways to Compost in Chicago

3) Limit your paper K-Cup use. Purchase a reusable K-Cup paired with CFP's Keurig grind coffee to reduce waste. 

4) Swap out one plastic item from your everyday use: such as straws! Sip from our sugar cane straws when you purchase any iced beverage at Chicago French Press at Roosevelt Collection or purchase them to use at home at Beans N Canes!


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