How To Make Cold Brew Coffee Using a French Press & Chicago French Press Coffee


  • Course Ground Chicago French Press Coffee: 2 cups
  • Cold Water: 3 cups


  • French Press

Serving Cold Brew Coffee Using Chicago French Press Coffee

1. Start with two cups CFP coffee to three cups of water. Use our French Press grind in your flavor of choice 

2. Use an eight cup French Press 

3. Pour the two cups of coffee grounds into french press.

4. Measure out two cups of filtered water, pour into french press.

5. Take a wooden spoon and soak the grinds into the water, in the french press (do not mix).

6. Measure out one more cup of filtered water and pour into french press.

7. Finally take french press plunger and place it on top of the french press (do not plunge), let sit at room temperature for 12 hours and a max of 24 hours.

8. Take set coffee in the french press and plunge it.

9. Grab ice, milk, and a glass cup.

10. Pour over ice in a glass cup leaving room for water to dilute(optional) or milk.

11. Leftovers? Don’t leave in the french press, Store in another container (glass) up to 8 days in the refrigerator.


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