Southern Butter Pecan Coffee

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Ethically Sourced from Women's Cooperative


Chicago French Press’ Butter Pecan is a cozy blend of buttery richness and nutty pecan undertones. This southern-inspired delight is crafted to elevate your coffee experience. Savor a taste of the South with every sip!

  • Origin of Bean: Brazil
  • 100% Arabica
  • Roast: Medium
  • Flavor Profile: Medium-bodied coffee; subtle nutty notes; creamy butter
  • Sizes: 3oz

CFP offers Butter Pecan in a variety of grinds including Whole Bean, French Press Grind, Auto Drip Grind, and Keurig Grind. All flavored varieties contain natural and artificial flavors. Non-GMO and sugar free.

Download our Brewing Guide HERE for more insight on Water Ratios, Grind Types and Brewing Methods.