Fruity Bundle - Two 8oz Bags

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Ethically Sourced from Women's Cooperative



Made from premium Arabica beans, each variety is hand-flavored with yummy ingredients like fruits and chocolate, resulting in two rich blends that stand all on their own: add some fruity flair to brunch with Peach Nectar or enjoy an afternoon break sweetened with Chocolate Blueberry. Whether you prefer your coffee hot or cold, each bag is pre-ground to make at-home brewing easy. Your barista will miss you.


Chocolate Blueberry Coffee

- Chocolate Blueberry Ground Coffee, 8 oz.
- 100% Arabica Coffee, Blueberry Creme Flavor, Cocoa

Peach Nectar Coffee

- Peach Nectar Ground Coffee, 8 oz.
- 100% Arabica Coffee, Peach Flavoring