Did You Know Coffee Has Great Health Benefits?

1. Coffee Can Speed Up Your Metabolism

 Drinking coffee speeds up your heart rate because of how quickly it's absorbed into the blood stream and in turn increases your metabolism.

2. Coffee Could Help Protect Your Eyes

Coffee can significantly help prevent retinal degeneration, which can result in everything from impaired vision and night blindness to light sensitivity.

3. Coffee Could Help You Burn More Calories

Coffee could help you burn more calories during the day. Because caffeine increases energy use whether you're at rest or not, it stimulates thermogenesis, which is just one of the ways you generate heat and energy from the food you're digesting.

4.  Coffee Could Make It Easier to Go to the Bathroom

Drinking coffee typically makes you have to go to the bathroom because of its laxative effect. Coffee might stimulate the distal colon, which pushes waste out of your body quicker, it only takes four minutes for coffee to start having an effect on your bathroom schedule.

5. Coffee Could Help Reverse Liver Damage
Drinking two cups of coffee a day had a 44 percent lower risk of ending up with liver cirrhosis. 


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